Satellite Dish Installation

Satellite TV is extremely popular and nowadays there are ever increasing options available to you. Satellite TV is great for a number of reasons, not only do you have the option to choose your packages and get access to channels not available elsewhere, it’s also great if you reside in a poor terrestrial TV reception area, meaning a TV aerial is probably not the best option.

We can help you get great TV via Sky or BBC Freesat, whether you require a full satellite dish installation to connect to one or more TV’s or just need your existing dish connecting to your new TV viewing equipment, just call us on 01902 752036 and we can arrange a free quote to suit you.

Subscribe to Sky

Sky has always been and continues to be a great option if you are looking for particular channels and shows which may not be available via free services. With over 12 million monthly subscribers in the UK, they’re clearly doing something right!

Choose BBC/ITV Freesat for subscription-free Satellite TV

With over 200 TV & radio channels, Freesat from the BBC & ITV is an ideal alternative option should you not want a TV aerial on your roof, perhaps you already have a satellite dish and just need it to be connected or you may live in an area where TV reception via an aerial is poor quality.

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